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Welcome to the television promo video for Don’s Song by Moss

Don’s Song by Moss is a guitar solo that was released internationally on January 16th, 2019. It was written to celebrate a father’s jubilation on his son learning to walk for the first time.

Lyndon taught his son to walk by counting out a four musical rhythm. His song, an example of how music marries science, is rooted in strong research evidence.

Walking to the tune of strong music rhythms is beneficial

Scientists later discovered that people who walk to strong musical rhythms gain better balance and muscle strength. Additionally, movement centers are in the brain are triggered by strong rhythmic beats. This is what Don heard as he walked.

I want you to Listen repeatedly to Don’s Song by Moss in order to experience the joy and delight that father and son experienced on this momentous milestone.

Listen on YouTube to the official version of Don’s Song by Lyndon Moss at




Translated titles:
Canciones felices: Canción de Don Moss TV Promo
Glückliche Lieder: Don’s Song Lyndon Delano Moss TV-Promo
Happy Songs: La chanson de Don Lyndon Delano Moss Promo TV
Canções Felizes: Canção de Don Lyndon Delano Moss Promo de TV
हैप्पी सोंग्स: डॉन का सॉन्ग लिंडन डेला
Gelukkige Liedjies: Don se liedjie Lyndon Delano Moss TV Promo
መልካም መዝሙሮች: የዶን ዘፈን Lyndon Delano Moss የቴሌቪዥን ማስተዋ
أغاني سعيدة: دونز سونغ ليندون ديلانو موس التلفزيون الت
Երջանիկ երգեր. Դոնգի երգը Lyndon Delano Moss TV Promo
Sretne pjesme: Don’s Song Lyndon Delano Moss TV Promo

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