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Music blogger definition

Music bloggers write, edit, post, and promote music industry related content on their music web pages or music websites.

They generate ideas, compose and edit posts, market posts to readers, and conduct research on topics in the music industry.

Music blogger titles

There are a variety of titles and specialiazations in the music blogger career. These include:


  • Contributor.
  • Staff Writer.
  • Music Writer.
  • Music Reporter.
  • Music reporter.

Music blogger specializations

  • Music Reviewer.
  • Classical Music Blogger.
  • Music Production blogger.
music blogger

Music blogger job roles

  • Generate, research, and pitch ideas for music related posts.
  • Write, edit, publish, and promote music related content in the search engines and on social media.
  • Promote new posts using advertisements, emails, social media, and other methods to alert and attract new readers.
  • Advocate and educate others about the music industry, music products products, or services.
  • Maximize website traffic by utilizing on and offline Search Engine Optimization strategies.
  • Invite other bloggers, experts, or other notable guests to contribute music related content to the website.
  • Monitor responses to posts via analytics related to the wehsite, social media, or other platforms to better understand the audience.
  • Keep current on music industry trends in order to identify opportunities to attract new readers or create stronger, more engaging content.

Music blogger job requirements

  • Excellent writing ability
  • Creativity and adaptability.
  • Ability to sit and type for extended periods.
  • Strong internet research skills to support content creation.
  • Exceptional writing, research, and communication skills.
  • Writing experience or familiarity with the music industry.
  • Intimate knowledge of music equipment, techniques and industry
  • Previous experience writing blog content, ideally using WordPress.
  • Strong understanding of the target audience and music industry trends.
  • An understanding of SEO optimized blog content and how to write web-friendly content
  • Some employers require a Bachelor’s degree in English, communications, marketing, or related field.
  • Ability to create 300-600 word posts up to three times a day, Monday through Friday, reliably delivering on deadline,
  • Proficiency with computers, especially content management software, social media platforms, MS Office, and SEO keywords, a basic understanding of HTML.

Music blogger salary

The music blogger salary varies widely. Some employers pay $18.00 – 25.00/hour.

Careers in Music (2022) estimates that the average yearly salary could be $32,802 and that yearly salaries and range from $17K-$56K.

music blogger

Music Production blogger

A music production blogger blogs about music production techniques, software and sound.

The audience includes musicians, music producers, and audio post engineers who need to develop their craft.

Music production bloggers need to possess experience in music and vocal production, and audio mixing experience.

Music production blogger job description

  • Keep up to date with the latest trends in music productions.
  • Write compelling audio content to help producers, engineers, and musicians hone their skills and reach their creative goals.
  • Write educational articles and step-by-step utorials to help music producers learn new concepts, try new techniques, and make the most out of music production tools and software.
  • Ability to create engaging and easy-to-understand content for music producers, engineers, and musicians.
  • Excellent skills in English writing and editing, with exceptional attention to detail.
  • Experience publishing music on social media and music sharing platforms.
  • Experience producing music, mixing audio, and/or mastering audio.
  • Ability to write content that is Search Engine Optimizated.

Music production blogger qualifications

Music production bloggers need to have experience in music production, voice and sound production.

music blogger

Music production blogger salary

Indeed (2022) estimates this to be an average of $32.8K – $41.6K a year


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