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SOL-R – Song Interpretation And Expression

What Is Song Interpretation And Expression?

SOL-R, by the way, is the acronym for Spirit of Life Recording Company. We just said a while ago that song interpretation relates to the purpose of the song, the setting, the intended target of the song as well as the mood with which the song is to be sung. We just talked about the place where we are really singing our songs in worship.
Even though we are here on earth physically, when we worship, our spirits are having a dialogue or some form of interaction with the Creator so that we are here, but not here, we are “there”, you know, at the throne of God. That is why worshippers become transformed to become like Him, since, after all, you spend time with Him. This mystery is explained in 2nd Corinthians 3 especially verse 18.

The target audience is important to song interpretation

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Let me just give an example of the point I made about intended target of a song. If you are a husband, you should know by now that women are built to hear words of love and that they love to hear them repeatedly. Husbands may not need to hear as much as women do since they are built differently. Now men, your wives would complain bitterly if you tell her “I love you, honey” in a flat voice, and with an expressionless face. This is not a secret, women all over the world are like that. Your wife would expect to “feel” the emotion behind the words and see some sort of expression, excitement and interest when you tell her that you do love her or she will tell you that you don’t. You can keep romance in the marriage if you tell her daily that you love her and act it out even when you don’t feel like it.

God is like that emotionally and He put that part of Himself into women. It is important to know the target of your song since it indeed relates to song expression. The ability to sing expressively will therefore emanate from a personal relationship with God in worship. Enoch the prophet was such a worshipper that he was taken away from the earth. Yes, Jude says he was a prophet and quoted one of his prophecies. He had a relationship with God that was unparalleled since God did not repeat this snatching away except in the case of the Prophet Elijah. He won’t do this again until the rapture of His saints, so be in tune always.
By the way, if you can’t hear His voice as a believer, how will you hear His shout and the sound of the trumpet when He returns (1 Thes 4:16)?

This is a heavenly sound, so it would behove you to get acquainted now in the spirit (some people really do hear them with the natural ear) with the sounds of heaven so that you won’t be left behind. You need to feel the mood of the song in order to express it vocally. Songs to the Lord are rarely sad. He may want meditation (as in Ps 5), jubilation, a celebratory mood, softness, crescendo, loudness, inflections into certain words or phrases that express the word or phrase accurately. For example, if you want to say “sweet”, you will want the word to sound like “sweet” means. Husbands, here are some tricks of the trade, especially when you want to create “The Atmosphere”.

How to create an atmosphere or mood for your song

Check out the application of Ephesians 5. Moods can be created by the application of musical dynamics, attention to diction and phrasing, inflections on words and the anointing that is on the singers as they sing (the latter is another topic in its entirety). When we sing “who is the king of glory?” it would help if one understands the events and scriptures behind the words. Even if one does not, kings are to be applauded greatly. Most of us have never seen a King, so we really do need the scriptures on His kingship and authority.

If He puts a hedge around me, I am yelling in my spirit and singing jubilantly to celebrate triumph over my enemy the devil. My fists will be popping. I will be leaping etc because that is the way my spirit will respond (usually). My physical response to the song depends on the emotion that I am downloading in my spirit as I sing the song. Now I have only used two examples and want you to remember that principles still apply. This is not an attempt to stereotype anyone’s response to the song.

Instructors of song and dance need to study their song and dance as if preparing for an examination. Song instructors should feel out the song, sing it out before teaching it, underline the words and phrases that you want to emphasize. Get the feeling of the song at the throne room. If you are a worshipper, this would not be difficult. Where do you want to express the different musical dynamics? What are they? What mood do you want to create by their usage?
Most of all, one should willingly submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit if He chooses to lead you in another direction or do something new that did not occur to you while the song is being rehearsed.

I have personally found that this is usually the time when much creativity comes and when the greatest anointing and blessing flow. Next time we will talk about biblical examples of song interpretation and expression if the Lord permits. How about telling me about some of these?

Wisdom – Gangster Musicians Are At High Risk!

Reasons why gangster rap musicians are in danger

I spoke about the Biblical evidence related to the effects of the words sung by gangster rap musicians and tried to show the effect of the words spoken to release life. I will now cite some examples of the power of the word from the work of Tupac Shakur, a gifted young rapper who died tragically at the age of 25 years. The lyrics of the song “Runnin (Dying to Live)” are a self fulfilling prophecy:

“reporter speaking, TuPac Shakur was shot… Yo know, I wonder if they’ll laugh when I am dead…why am I dying to live if I’m just living to die…” (

Lyrics sung by gangster rap musicians can produce death

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According to, a young man killed a Texas Ranger through the inspiration of the album “2 Pacalypse now” and this event brought the album into recognition. Because TuPac sowed fruits of death, he liberally ate its fruit during his life. Trouble came naturally to TuPac, apparently, and his life seemed to be marked by mistrust, fear of treachery. He discharged himself from the hospital two days after major surgery for critical injuries received in a robbery) and criminal allegations. He signed to Death Row Records (waiting to die) and Shakur himself often said that he expected he’d die by the sword before he reached thirty (

The documentary on his life showed that he signed to Death Row after losing confidence in the loyalty of his friends at his old recording company. Did he jump spiritually from the frying pan into the fire, progressing from one devilish dominion to a more powerful one? Check out the types of “friends” that he had.

Words have meaning in rap music

If you consider the names of other rap labels, you will see terrible implications:

Def Jam (deaf to God’s voice and righteousness) and

Ruthless Records (Satan has no mercy either for the singer or the follower).

Proverbs 12:28 says that “in the way of righteousness is life and in the pathway thereof there is no death”.

Tupac had so much going for him. He was multi-talented, but hooked up with the wrong label. He needed to join Spirit of Life Recording Company. Here you will find anointed musicians who download their music from a power source that produces health, longlife and wellbeing. This music comes from a place where angels bow down and worship and a place from which a sweet anointing emanates that will bring good news about your situations, heal brokenness (like that of TuPac’s if you read his history), set captives free from habits, demonic oppression, open prisons to allow prisoners to escape from the power of the devil, comfort the mourning, produce joyful praise, repair waste places in people’s lives and geographic locations, make you Ministers of the Most High God, produce prosperity and bring fame (Isaiah 61).

Check out the bonuses in the Spirit of Life Recording Company

Since we have eyes of understanding, believers can actually see and talk with angels and run off devils when they come to steal, kill and destroy (as I do). This is something that you should prefer. God says He is calling His captive ministers of music. I am talking about those of you who are tied up in prison, Satan’s Spirit of Death Record Label and serving the devil for wages of death.

Even if Satan and your enemies don’t kill you now, God will have no choice but to get you later for failing to fulfill the purpose for which He put you on earth and for leading others astray. He’s gonna get you and put you in a lake of fire and you will never die but scream eternally, bawling for murder (Lk 16: 19-31; Rev 20:12-15). If you fear God then get on His side right now.

Gangster musicians, you need to play for Him. I will tell you in a later blog about some fringe benefits of joining God’s label (Spirit of Life Recording Company)and about the devil who is your boss and why he has so much power over you. Until then, God bless.

Mercedes Moss

Anointed Music: Spirit of Life Recording Company – King David’s musicians

Who were some of the early members of Spirit of Life Recording Company?

In this post I want to talk about David’s musicians who were some of the early members of Spirit of Life Recording Company. King David himself was a member of this label because he was an anointed musician (1 Sam 16: 18 – 23) and a prophet (Acts 2: 29, 30) so he understood how to receive spiritual wisdom and understanding by revelation. How else could you explain his daredevil stunts like killing a lion and a bear with his bare hands (1 Sam 17: 33-37) and killing a giant with a sling shot and a stone? (1 Sam 17). Which one of you would do that? Maybe bungee jumping is “safer”. His brothers thought that he was cocky when he said he would fight and kill a ten foot giant (1 Sam 17).

David knew a God who gave him superior mental boldness and physical conditioning and strength (did he go to the gym?) that made a stone sink through a giant’s forehead and into his brain, causing that giant to topple over like a felled tree. While he was a shepherd, David dreamed of the day that he would establish his own recording company in order to share songs that would usher in the presence of God and reveal His power and secrets to his people. David had received spiritual revelation about what heaven was like and the worship and singing that took place there and I will show this to you later. He also knew how to join the worship there and how to download its music and songs to earth, because his music had power to make demons flee from King Saul (1 Sam 16: 23).

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One example, however, is that King David was a designer of musical instruments (1 Chronicles 23: 5) and one of them was the harp. Did he have a vision of heaven like John where he saw the harp being played? (Rev 5:8; 14:2; 15:2). Sorry for those who say musical instruments are for the Old Testament only because you will have to endure them up there. Anyway, rappers (and gospel musicians, producers etc as well), he fulfilled his dream when he became king. That is advantage of being king (in charge). You get to do some creative stuff that you dreamt about or that God gave to you. David was a Jew, so as a Jew, he was obligated to go to the temple (that God told Moses to build) to offer sacrifices for sin. The problem was that the Jews did not know that the temple Moses built was just a pattern of God’s temple/church/tabernacle in heaven and that God was using it to teach them and later the Gentiles something about worship and prayer (say what?).

David knew by revelation that the temple on earth represented God’s temple in heaven because he had seen it, maybe in a vision, although he did not let out that particular secret. His actions, however, spoke louder than his words and that is how we know this particular secret that David hid from his people (maybe he did not want them to stone him. After all, he had to live to be the king). Yes, God has a temple in heaven and we see that in Hebrews 8: 5; 9:11; 12: 22-23 and Rev 7: 15; 11:19; 15:5. Hebrews 8: 5 implies that Moses knew about the temple in heaven as well, but apparently he had not seen it or did not tell the Jews that the tabernacle on earth was just a pattern of the one in heaven. I’m no scholar, but when I read Exodus 25, I found the pattern that Moses built on earth (check out the bling bling in the church building. Can you do that in New York?).

Basically, the temple was really a tent enclosed by a yard. Rev 15: 5; 7: 15 and 11:19 tell about the tabernacle in heaven which was the original of the one God wanted Moses to build. The one Moses built had three parts – a courtyard, holy place and the most holy place. The courtyard surrounded the tabernacle and was entered by one gate (can’t get to heaven except by Jesus). In the yard you would meet an altar for sacrifices and a basin for handwashing. The Holy Place had a lampstand, table with bread and a golden altar of incense. In heaven, this altar is in front of God’s throne (Rev 8:3-5) and it is here that an angel holds our prayers and offers them up with incense unto God, so that He can inhale them and remember us.

This is a natural high (no drugs needed). In addition, the spirits of the saints who were ever martyred are under the altar so tht God can remember them and their murderers (Rev 6:9). The Most Holy Place tell us there is a place in heaven where God sits (Rev 4: 2-5; 5:6; 7:9) since it contained an ark or chest on which rested a mercy seat representing the throne where God dwells. This mercy seat is referred to in Hebrews 4: 16. Two angels were made facing each other on either side of the mercy seat and their wings stretched out to cover the mercy seat. Second Samuel 6: 2 and Isaiah 6: 1- 2 and 37: 16 show that God dwells between the cherubims.

When you read the book of Revelation, you would see that a lot of worship activity takes place in front of God’s throne that we are expected to mimic on earth. Twenty four elders as well as angels fall down on their faces to worship (Rev 4:10; 5:8; 7:9; 12:4); musicians play harps (Rev 5:8; 14: 2,3; 15: 2); worship songs are sung by saints and angels (Rev 4: 8-12; 5: 9, 12; 6:9,10; 7:10-12; 11:17; 14:3; 15:3,4; 19: 1-3,6,7) and people wave palm branches in celebration just as the Jews did to celebrate Christ’s entry into Jerusalem (Rev 7:9).

This revelation is what David received, but I want to ask if you receive this by faith. Do you prefer this natural high, joy and peace that you can get by living in God’s presence or tension and stress by wondering who is going to kill you or who hates you? Come on into God’s kingdom. More to come.

Mercedes Moss

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