Music Marketing Tips For Music Creators In 2021

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Marketing Tips For Creators in 2021

This article discusses marketing tips that music creators can implement to promote their music in 2021. When a music creator produces a musical work, it needs to be widely dispersed for the edification (hopefully) of attentive audiences. Music marketing is the way in which music creators get their music heard.
Every music creator needs to have a music marketing strategy. Wanda Thibodeaux (2017) defines this as “a marketing plan designed to increase knowledge and sales of an ’s music.”

My core beliefs about music marketing

I believe that music creators need to be aware of, and learn a few core generic and specific music marketing skills.

My views about generic music marketing skills

Generic music marketing refers to at least one skill that any user of the internet should possess in order to promote a digital and/or physical product. In other words, we need to understand how the internet is to be navigated AND to use the best practices to do so. It would be even more ideal if research data is used to enhance the process.
Here are a few of the guidelines I’ve implemented after learning from others and from seeing what works:
– It is important to have a home or headquarters for one’s music. This refers to a website. A website is a central hub, distribution, and branding area. It is the location to which one would refer all traffic or visitors.
A website can be used for many things like creating an email list through which fans can be subscribed and updated. Websites have other uses like sharing content through which the creator can establish him or herself as an authority on the subject matter.
– You need one or two Web 2.0 or satellite sites to which content can be distributed. Having a presence on these platforms can make a big impact on being found in the search engines when your brand name is typed in a browser.
Officially, Web 2.0 sites are defined as

a variety of web sites and applications that allow anyone to create and share online information or material they have created. … There are number of different types of web 2.0 applications including wikis, blogs, social networking, folksonomies, podcasting & content hosting services (University of Melbourne, nd).

Music Marketing Tips For Music Creators In 2021

Examples of Web 2.0 sites for music marketng

WiKis – for example Wikipedia

This is a high authority site which is visited by millions of persons. If you pay attention, you would notice that famous musicians, music artists, and other celebrities have articles here. These articles have a lot of links that go back to important sites that the writer wants readers to visit.
Wikipedia is great for search engine indexing and for sending organic traffic to websites. Wikipedia Statistics (2020) speak volumes about its importance to information curation:

Pages: 52,242,807
Active users: 128,230
Articles: 6,219,027
Users: 40,614,469

Music and audio rank 4/10 in trending categories. The following artists are trending at this time of writing in the music and audio category:
Buddy Holly21 – 682×90.
Tracy Chapman7 – 551×27.
Ed Bruce – 441×27.
Dan Bongino6 – 385×25.
Laura Branigan – 8,284. (Wikishark, 2020).

Other web blogs include

– Google Blogger.
– Google Sites.
Google My Business.
– OThers.

Social networking sites

– Facebook- Facebook offers FREE live video which on which music creators can conduct free c0ncerts and other activities.
– Twitter.
– Pinterest.

Specific music marketing sites

YouTube Music – do not register generically.
Spotify and Spotify playlisting.
– Reverbnation.
– Music Clout.
– Other.

Music marketing resources

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