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Lockdown By Saeed Bowman | The Vibe Station VC

This post features Lockdown By Saeed Bowman. The song was produced by The Vibe Station, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Steelpan player Saeed Bowman is a young Vincentian who is known for his prowess on the steelpan. Saaed started on the steelpan at age seven, and has been playing ever since.
Today’s featured song, Lockdown was written by Koffee, a twenty-year-old Jamaican singer. Koffee, born Mikayla Simpson, is a reggae singer and songwriter. She is also a rapper, deejay and guitarist (Wikipedia, 2020).
Koffee’s musical career began very early in life. Her inspiration came from her mother’s church background. Koffee sang in her church choir and taught herself to the guitar at age 12 (Wikipedia, 2020)

Lockdown Koffee Lyrics

Where will we go?
When di quarantine ting done and everybody touch road
Mummy, me go NASCAR
Pull up in a fast car
Ah nuh false start
Mek you and di boss par, yeah
I know you’re feeling me
You know I’m feeling you
So what now we fi do?
lockdown steelpan cover by saeed bowman the vibe station vc
Aye fancy
How yuh heart stay, it n’ave no vacancy?
Last time see yuh pon FaceTime
Chatting up di place
‘Bout you nuh want relationship
Me ah go put you pon lockdown
I put yuh body pon lockdown
You got me pon lock now
You got my passion unlocked wow
If you love me
You should let me
You should let me
You should let me know
And if you don’t now
Better fi let me
Better fi let me
Ah better yuh let me go
Pulling up, pulling up, pulling up
Nuh bodda deal wid di bagga long talking
Me know fi now we ah chill inna apartment
Hope you don’t mind…
Source: LyricFind

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