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About If I Ain’t Got You Cover Hanifa Simon |

This post features If I Ain’t Got You Cover by Hanifa Simon from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The song was produced by the Vibe Station VC. If I Ain’t Got You is a popular song written by Artist Alicia Keys for her 2003 album The Diary of Alicia Keys.
If I Ain’t Got You is categorized in the genres of Rhythm and Blues, Contemporary Soul, and R&B/Soul. This Alicia Keys song received the following nominations:

Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 2005.
MTV Video Award for Best Female Video in 2004.
Billboard Award for Top Hot 100 Song in 2004.
Billboard Award for Hot 100 Airplay Single in 2004 (Google, 2020).


About Alicia Keys, If I Ain’t Got You Songwriter

Alicia Keys, real name Alicia Augello Cook, was born on January 25th, 1981. Miss Keys is an American singer and prolific songwriter. She is a classically trained pianist and began studying at age seven. Miss Keys’ journey into songwriting began at age twelve.
She was signed as an artist at age fifteen by Columbia Records. Alicia Keys’ albums have sold millions of copies worldwide. (Wikipedia, 2020).

If I Ain’t Got You meaning

If I Ain’t Got You was written on a flight shortly after Alicia Keys learned about the passing of singer Aaliyah. Miss Keys wrote the lyrics and on the flight but needed time to complete a finished version of the song:

“I wrote it really quickly, but in order to produce it the way that you hear it, it took forever,” she said. “Nothing would come out right. Every version that I did, every arrangement that I did was just wrong. It was such a labor of love (Song Facts, 2020).”

If I Ain’t Got You Lyrics Alicia Keys

Some people live for the fortune
Some people live just for the fame
Some people live for the power, yeah
Some people live just to play the game
Some people think that the physical things define what’s within
And I’ve been there before, and that life’s a bore
So full of the superficial
Some people want it all
But I don’t want nothing at all
If it ain’t you, baby
If I ain’t got you, baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain’t got you, yeah
if I aint got you cover hanifah simon the vibe station vc
Some people search for a fountain
That promises forever young (you know)
Some people need three dozen roses
And that’s the only way to prove you love them
Hand me the world on a silver platter
And what good would it be
With no one to share, with no one who truly cares…
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