How to Start Your Own Independent Record Label In 2020

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What is a ?

The top question that visitors to this site ask is How to Start Your Own Independent . Therefore, let us begin by asking “what is a ?” A is a company that creates and promotes music recordings and music  videos. These products are then packaged into digital, CD ROM, DVD and other available formats.
Record labels also carry out functions like artist scouting and development and brand and trademark management. They also coordinate the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for their artistes’ sound recordings and music videos. 

Why should you start your own independent record label?

In the past, the music industry was controlled by mega giant record labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI Group. 
Independent record labels were non – existent and began to emerge as the major companies signed fewer and fewer artistes. These independent record labels  also satisfied the demand among fans for genres that were not promoted by the big guns.
Independent record labels can be run as small co-operations or as entities consisting of one or two people. They  usually operate without funding  from the major record labels and have gained some amount of success, with artistes winning major music awards in some cases.
New information on how to start your own  independent record label in 2020

How do independent record labels make money?

Independent record labels recoup costs from music royalties. According to, while indie labels have to be more careful with the allocation of expenses, the advantage is that they can make and promote records for far lower costs than major labels and be profitable with far fewer sales.
Additionally, in my mind, the plethora of resources that are available on the market for digital music publishing and promotion create a truly feasible environment for anyone to establish  a record label, even if only to market their own music.

What are some costs involved in music production?

Costs involved in music production include recording, manufacturing, royalty, promotion and distribution of the music of artists signed to the label. However, with the plethora of opportunities available for music licensing and syncronization, among others, a savvy record label can maximize profits and recoups costs, making a nice profit in the interim.


Let me show you a practical and easy way to start your own independent record label

First off, I should let you know that we discovered a platform that allows you to start your own independent record label. This is really an all in one platform since it also allows you to distribute music as an artist/band OR as a record label.
Believe it or not, you get all of these features for one low, yearly price. This platform distributes your music to over 150+ stores internationally. They allow you to keep 100% of royalties earned after store fees are debited. Additionally, there is also a service. (included with subscription), that allows you to assign royalties to yourself and copyright owners as permitted by law. I strongly encourage you to sign up here if you need a distribution want to start a record labelClick here to Learn how to start your own record label
As a record label you will be able to sign artists and distribute their music for a reasonable, yearly cost. I know that there are entities that would distribute for free. However, the downside is that they take, by law, 30% of royalties earned. This reduces take home income for yourself and artists.
In the system, you can upload your artists’ music under your own record label brand. When the music is uploaded, all you need to do is to add the album image and to make a few other decisions. One of these is to decided whether or not you want YouTube Content ID. I would encourage you to add this feature since it means that your artists’ music can be monetized and protected from unauthorized usage on YouTube.
After these decisions are made, all you then need to do is to click a button to distribute the artist’s music to over 150 stores around the world. These platforms include major platforms like iTunes Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and more. You will experience the thrill of satisfaction, as I did, of seeing your artist’s music online.
Additionally, each artist receives a beautiful page with his or her album with links to each of the major stores. It looks very professional. You will also be able to track sales and assign royalties to each copyright owner. This eliminates the stress of manually paying out royalties, and you can issue royalty statements provided by the system. This would increase your image as a trustworthy indie label.
My book, “how to get your music into 150+ stores worldwide,” explains a ton more about copyright. You will also learn all of the steps that you need to take in order to publish.

publish your music to 150+ stores worldwide on

I strongly encourage you to read “how to get your music into 150+ stores worldwide” Each step in music publishing is accompanied by detailed explanations PLUS links to all of the resources that you need. Each of these resources was carefully chosen with the cash strapped record label or artist in mind, and is either FREE or CHEAP.
I dare say that you need this book in order to increase your value to your artists. Not only that, you will learn the skills that would facilitate the process of music distribution. We stated earlier that labels take on this responsibility. If you farm music distribution out to a , God bless them, you are going to have to split the royalty shares even more. That means less take home pay for you and your artists.
So getting back to the point, after you click that button on our wonderful platform, it might take up to a week for the music to get into the stores. Some are sooner and some may take even longer. Regardless of the timing, the company will assign each of your artists a beautiful page online which features the album.
Each page will be accompanied by links to each of the major online platform where the music was distributed. That page is very important since you can then use it in your marketing messages to fans.

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