How To Start On Spotify As A Music Artist, Manager Or Record Label

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My name is Mercedes Moss and I’d just like to give a brief video tutorial on Spotify for artists. Spotify is a music aggregator for artists and as an
artist you can subscribe to Spotify in order to create playlists and share your music.

Spotify provides a service to other people who are not using this platform as artists to come and listen to music download and purchase music. Artistes can sell their music here however in order to get sold you need to get heard and seen and this is done by inclusion on playlists.

Spotify allows you to create your own playlists and they provide a service
by which other playlist curators that is people who create playlist on Spotify can add you to their playlists if they like your music. If their playlists are large enough and large and they have a large number of subscribers it means that your music gets eyeballed by more people.

You potentially have the means to extend your reach to be heard to earn income and to satisfy the cravings of the demanding public for music. I always am amazed at the demand for music and I think of it like a music monster sort of thing. There never seems to be enough enough music on the planet. Therefore if you create great music we have places like Apple, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and others where you can get heard.

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Download 100s Of Music Files That Are In The Creative Commons And Public Domain. Click the link below

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Right now I’m at Spotify so artists would sign up at
If you are if you are a label you would sign up at

Artist and Manager signup
Record label sighup

When you get to the Spotify for artists page, there’s a feature that says claim your your account. You’d need to click there and just follow the steps so that you can clean your accountants.

On your account you will see your analytics for the last seven days, streams, listeners and followers. I have no listeners yet okay I need to
extend my reach. You can target these listeners and also add tho artists that they are listening to to your own playlist or create new playlists with those artists included. I think this is a really really really great feature. Stats are the lifeblood of your business.

Here it’s my artist. As I said I’m a manager and this is one of my artists. His name is Lyndon Delano Moss and he wrote a guitar composition to celebrate the time that his son Don learnt to walk to a four four beat. I was able to publish this song widely online thanks to a great company.

Listen to Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss


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