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How to play the guitar with Express Guitar

In this Express Guitar review, I going to show you how to play the guitar easily and effectively. Many people want to learn how to play the guitar because it produces very beautiful music when played by an expert. However, some people find it difficult to learn the notes, chords and progressions. Guitar playing becomes a drag and nightmare. Meantime, the guitar is hidden away in some locked cupboard or tossed in a corner.
Five of the most common guitar playing problems that learners experience include:

  1. learning bar chords.
  2. finger speed on the frets.
  3. learning strumming patterns.
  4. mastering difficult chord shapes.
  5. learning complex guitar scales.

Express Guitar was designed with the struggling newbie guitarist in mind. Welcome if you are new to the guitar. You have come to the right place If you are one of those people struggling to play the guitar. You are in the right place if you want to start to play the guitar. You’re in the right place because we have the exact step by step solution for the problem. It is called Express Guitar.
You are in the right place because Mike Hayes’ Express Guitar guitar system completely eliminates the problems that everyone hates about traditional guitar lessons”

What is Express Guitar?

Express Guitar is a fun, entertaining, online guitar course taught by Mike Hayes. Mr. Hayes is a professional guitarist and teacher of Guitar.
Express Guitar is also a guitar membership site with over 140+ packed guitar lessons. These lessons are illustrated with a lot guitar chord pictures and other illustrations; tracks; audio clips and videos. You do not need to have any experience playing the guitar to get Express Guitar. Best of all, you can learn at your own pace.

About Mike Hayes of Express Guitar

I’d like to take this time to share Mike Hayes’ curriculum vitae in order to inspire your confidence. Mike Hayes started playing guitar when he was 13 years old. He chalked up some experience playing for country dances, parties and country dances. At the time of writing, Mr. Hayes has over 30 years of guitar expertise under his belt.
He later studied arranging and composition from Berklee College, Boston USA. He also studied recording engineering with Peter Miller, a former producer for the Beatles Audio Institute in San Francisco USA. Mr. Hayes is acclaimed for his guitar instruction techniques.
Mike Hayes students have earned accomplishments including #1 on the UK charts; playing back-up for artists like Roxy Music, Casey Chambers and Amity Affliction. They are also featured frequently on national television and radio and work with successful performers.
Mr. Hayes will teach you how to “master every guitar technique you’ll ever need to turn a pile of feeble chords into a crowd stomping performance!”

Here are 7 key benefits that you get with the Express Guitar system

The Express Guitar comes with the following:

  1. 10-minute step-by-step practice sessions which are fun to do.
  2. Amazing image, text, sound and VIDEO clips.
  3. Incredible HIT song formulas.
  4. One-of-a-kind Virtual band “” tracks
  5. No reading music necessary.
  6. Impressive professional audio, digital sound.
  7. Unlimited FREE lifetime updates.

Students love the program because they choose the format of their guitar lessons; whether video, audio or print. They also choose when they want to learn and where they want to begin. Exoress Guitar is an amazing bonus because it saves students hundreds of dollars on studio sessions PLUS hours of time weekly learning with a teacher. Imagine the freedom that you would experience as a students of this online guitar course, once the restrictions of a classroom setting are removed.

5 Core content areas in the Express Guitar course

Mike Hayes’ Express Guitar course consists of five core modules:

  1. Guitar 101 – the basics.
  2. Play Songs – 50 Hit Songs to Start Your Party!
  3. Personal Trainer Program.
  4. Lead Guitar Super Chops program.
  5. anytime with YOUR own virtual band.

In Guitar 101, the basics you will learn:

how to play guitar Express Guitar review on

Lightning quick tune ups
Complete expert guide to guitar strings
Roadmap for developing your groove
Step-by-step professional instruction
Crystal clear natural harmonics

Play Songs – 50 Hit Songs to Start Your Party! will teach you

how to play guitar Express Guitar review on

50 of the most requested songs for parties
How to form your own group
Incredible off-the-record arrangements
How to play REAL songs – like you hear on the radio.
How to play one song – then apply the SAME chords to multiple songs

What you get in the Personal Trainer Program.

how to play guitar Express Guitar review on

Immediately solve the #1 frustration of learning guitar “Information Overload!!”
Ramp up your motor skills with this professional step-by-step modular program
Ingenious “Progress Tracker system” guarantees a proven, natural way to monitor your progress
Instantly penetrate your musical “brick walls”, you will be shocked, amazed and excited as your guitar playing skills skyrocket … literally in minutes
For the FIRST-TIME guitarists can learn to play guitar to the vocational standards of the industry in the comfort of their own homes

The Lead Guitar Super Chops program.

how to play guitar Express Guitar review on

Killer blues turnarounds
PROVEN attention-getter rockabilly riffs
Revealing one-of-a-kind look at scales
Blueprint to creating wicked riffs
Shocking special study – rock chords vs. traditional harmony

anytime with YOUR own virtual band

how to play guitar Express Guitar Review on

Practice any time you want
Amazing practice sessions you will enjoy
Play with real instruments NOT synthesizers
Master the secret trick to learning to ‘play by ear’ FAST
Hot-selling tracks – you choose the instrument(s) to practice with

How To Play The Guitar | Express Guitar Review

Express Guitar is a guitar course taught by Mike Hayes, guitarist and guitar teacher with over 30 years experience. Join 100s of satisfied students who have discovered how to play the guitar. Go to

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A sample of testimonials from students of Mike Hayes
Mikes’ teaching methods and products are first class. Whatever style of music I have been interested in! His teaching methods and products are first class. Whatever style or area of music I have been interested in, he has provided me with useful information, advice and study materials.
His style of teaching and teaching products enabled me to progress through his guitar course far quicker than I ever imagined. He also helps in teaching yourself to find and develop your own style of music. Mike’s teaching gives his student’s the ability to become useful musicians, not just guitarists (Stephen J Reid, Guitarist & Musician – Australia)

This course teaches us how to learn, how to retain, and how to recall information quickly. The entire program is built around “connected learning” with key phrases, picture words (yes there is such a thing) and the most dynamic personal motivator I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. (Ken C Simpson, Business Owner & Guitarist – Queensland, Australia.)
Guitar Teacher
This approach is SO simple, but extremely effective, that it’s scary!!! First of all, let me say that I have several “Fretboard” learning tools. However, I got your email and opened the first file today and it was like the ‘light’ came on. This approach is so simple, but extremely effective, that it’s scary!!!
A thousand thank you’s for opening another door on my musical quest!!! (Rob Reid, Canada).

Summary of what you get with Express Guitar

The Express Guitar™ Accelerated Learning System is a brand-new, fast track, comprehensive, hands-on approach that shows you the hottest guitar techniques available today, and has you playing in no time!
Image, text, sound and VIDEO clips
Explode your learning curve by selecting the best format that suits your style of learning.
Unique 3D chord diagrams
Effortless learning by viewing the diagrams from the player’s point of view.
Everything about guitar strings
Revealing in-depth video and audio programs answers all your questions about guitar strings guaranteed to keep your guitar totally cool.
Complete guide to using a Capo
Discover how to play ANY song in standard tuning and by-pass the re-tuning blues.
Virtual band backing tracks
Imagine having an impressive professional band ready for you to practice with …guitar and bass…bass and drums …your tempo … ready when you are!
Unlimited FREE lifetime updates
Express Guitar members are automatically notified of their FREE course as soon as they are available. Just one of the perks!!!

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