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Why music creators need to know how to get on Spotify playlists

This post discusses how music creators can get their music into Spotify playlists. If you read on, you will find a treasure trove of playlists to which you can submit your music on Spotify.
Spotify is an audio streaming service that caters for podcasts, digital music and videos. In fact, it is one of the most popular music streaming sites online today.
Spotify’s database contains more than 60 million songs submitted by record labels and media companies. Submitted music and other content are protected by digital copyrights.
Music creators are paid based on streams of their music. The company distributes about 70% of its total revenue to rights holders which are usually record labels. In turn, these copyright holders then pay songwriters/composers/artists based on individual agreements (Wikipedia, 2020).

High traffic volume to the website is one reason to get on Spotify Playlists

Data from (2020) show that Spotify is a high traffic site and worthy of attention.
The site had 320.10 million visits for the past six months of 2020. Visitor engagement is pretty decent. The average duration was four minutes, with an average of 5 pages per visit.
The top five countries give an idea of where to target promotions:
United States – 29.97%
Brazil – 6.48%
United Kingdom-5.65%
Canada – 3.89%
Mexico – 3.78%
Distrokid, one of our top recommended music distributors, was one of the top five referring sites to Spotify.
A small amount of traffic or visitors (7.79%) to Spotify originated from the folowing video sharing and social media sites. Therefore it is important to syndicate your music to these sites and to place a link back to Spotify on these platforms. In this way, you can increase views on the platform:
Youtube – 39.22%.
Facebook -37.55%.
Twitter – 8.69%.
Instagram – 6.40%.
Reddit – 3.43%.

Increased visibility for your music is another good reason to get on Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlists can be produced by Spotify itself, music creators and curators who add related music to their playlists. Here are other good reasons to get on to Spotify playlists:

Potential to earn good income

CD Baby (2020) states that independent artists can earn good pay from streaming royalties on Spotify:
“it’s possible to earn a fulltime living with just a single song being placed on a prominent Spotify playlist. Yes, despite what you’ve probably heard, there’s real money in Spotify IF you’re an artist who owns both the rights to your master recordings AND the publishing rights to your songs… And playlists are one of the biggest drivers of song engagement on the platform.”

Access larger numbers of listeners

Artists whose music is added to prominent playlists can gain access to large numbers of listeners. Each listener stream means an increase in revenue. As these fans listen to a playlist they like, your music can be discovered (CD Baby, 2020).
how to get on spotify playlists for free

Spotify music royalty pay rates

Dittio Music (2020) estimates that Spotify pays out approximately Spotify
$0.00437 per stream. Compare these figures with other music streaming platforms:
$0.0.00069 per view

$0.00133 per stream

$0.00402 per stream
$0.0064 per stream
Google Play Music
$0.00676 per stream
Apple Music
$0.00783 per stream
$0.01284 per stream
$0.019 per stream (Ditto Music, 2020).
Spotify royalty calculator

How to get your music on official Spotify playlists via Distrokid

In this video, Phillip Kaplan. Distrokid CEO, explains how you can get easily your music on to Spotify official playlists. Spotify official playlists have millions of followers and can provide a good source of revenue when streamed.
You need to prerelease the music to Spotify at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance of the release date.
Please go to this link to get $5.00 off the already ridiculously low cost, annual paid music distribution service provided by Distrokid.

Submit your music to these Spotify playlists for free

Visit each of the sites below and submit your music to the matching genre for free.
Tune Munk – for playlist curators.

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