Home Recording Studio Tour – My Budget Home Studio

Tour of my home studio where I’ve recorded many albums! Albums are available at https://barkingaunts.bandcamp.com/ or visit the website https://www.solidrockbluesband.com/ for more information about the studio and music projects.

Video about the Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD

The studio is a “low budget” studio. This has been made possible by buying materials on sale, second hand and because of the fact a lot of the ‘gear’ you see here has been given to me for free! Apart from that, I’ve build the computer myself and use Open Source software (Linux based recording).

– Mini ITX Celeron (4Core) Computer.

Audio Interface:
– Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD (4 in/4 out)
– Fostex X-26 (4-track tape deck)

– SoundTech ST162 (16 channel mixer)
– Behringer Eurorack (6 Channel mixer)
– SkyTech “Karaoke” PA-system (monitoring, listening)
– Behringer UCA222 Interface (Mixer to Computer)

DAW (Software)
– Linux (KXStudio distribution)
– Ardour Recording Software (DAW)

– McCrypt Condenser
– BM 800 Condenser
– Shure C606 dynamic
– t.Bone EM700, matched pair, Stereo Condenser
– Shure PG81 condenser

Electric guitars
– Gretsch g5420t Electromatic (aspen green)
– Hondo H-175/BL (vintage!)
– “Starcaster” (Fender) Stratocaster.
– SAGA Les Paul (DIY guitar, from a guitar kit)
– Stratocaster (DIY guitar, from a guitar kit)
– Harley Benton MM 84A SB Deluxe (bass guitar)

Acoustic guitars
– Samick Greg Bennett GD-101 SCE/N (Electro-acoustic)
– Washburn WD-42S (acoustic)
– L’Arida electro-acoustic (“spanish” guitar)

Other instruments
– Akai Mini MPK Keyboard
– Tambourine
– Harps (several keys)

The mixers are both analog mixers, connected to the computer using a Behringer UCA interface. This is not by choice, I happened to have bought the Behringer mixer (on sale) before USB-audio got big and the SoundTech was given to me for free.They both have a true, great, vintage analog sound and great preamps for the (condenser) mic’s.