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Why ?

Today, we’re talking about free keyword research tools for YouTube. Keywords are phrases consisting of three or more words around the topic area.

For example, the phrase keyword research tools for YouTube contain the keywords for this article.

Keywords are the sentences or phrases that searchers use to find content online. They are important to your YouTube videos.

For optimal search visibility, your video’s keywords should be present in the:

  • Title.
  • Descritpion and
  • Tags.

enable video creators to quickly find and analyze keyword phrases for that search engine.

Easy, free keyword research tool for YouTube

This free and easy keyword research tool for YouTube will help you get results fast. Here is a step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Go to this website.


  • Enter the desired keyword for your video. In this instance, it is a long tail phrase called “youtube keyword research.”
  • Long tail keyword phrases are ideal and contain three or more words.


  • This area shows the target keyword results.
  • There is good search volume of 60,000 monthly searches.
  • However, the keyword has medium difficulty and may pose challenges in YouTube as far as competition is concerned.
  • This means that I should maybe rephrase the keyword to see if the difficulty can become easy or low.
  • I want low difficulty in order to have my video showing up without too many other competing videos.


  • Shows the keyword results.

Top 10 keyword results

The arrows show the search results that are very specific to my keyword phrase “youtube keyword research.

However, many of them have medium competition.

The final two keywords do not have a huge search volume, but they are easier to rank for as there is less competition.

Note that the dates have expired, so they are not relevant for this video.

Conduct additional searches to garner more keywords

I conducted an additional search using the keyword phrase, “.”

The search volume is rather low at 2000 per month.

The keyword difficulty is ranked as LOW.

Some of the related keywords are easy to rank for since their difficulty is EASY

As you can see, there are four easy to rank for keywords. I will add these to the video title, tags and description.

Where to use relevant keywords

  • In the video title.
  • In the video description – use the keyword phrase in the first line of the description so they are visible in the search engines.
  • Use the keyword phrases in the tags.

Learn more about keyword research at this link.

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