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faceless youtube channels

What is a ?

Let’s stop for a while to talk briefly about the popular idea of s. A is one in which the YouTuber does not show his or her face.

The idea is wildly popular because the approach does not involve the usual prolonged preparation and editing that are needed for video marketing.

YouTube Automation is another term for the Faceless Yo.uTube channel

How to start a YouTube channel.

Top 10 faceless YouTube channels

These are the top 10 of the top 47 faceless YouTube channels according to RankTube.com:

1Total Gaming32 Million
2Dream29 Million
3TheOdd1sOut17.8 Million
4How to Basic17 Million
5Daily Dose of Internet13.5 Million
6H2ODelirious13.3 Million
7The Infographics Show11.7 Million
8Annoying Orange11.2 Million
9How it Should Have Ended10.3 Million
10Hindi Countdown10 Million

faceless youtube channel


The following approaches are a few of the strategies used to run faceless YouTube channels:

  • Using Royalty-free Stock footage of images and videos with voiceover.
  • Using Royalty-free Stock videos and sound effects like rain, and thunder.
  • Using hands-only videos in brief videos to demonstrate things like craft, cookery, music notes etcetera.
faceless youtube channel

Faceless YouTube channel niches

FacelessChannels.com provides a list of top faceless channel niches. These include:

  • Airplane.
  • Airplane History.
  • Archaeology.
  • Arts and crafts.
  • Bedtime stories.
  • Cars.
  • Sports like baseball;
  • Pets.
  • Piano.
  • Workout.

There are various ways to generate income on faceless channels. These include

  • YouTube ads.
  • Adding affiliate links to the description box.

Faceless YouTube channel videos with Dave Nick

Dave Nick is a YouTuber whose videos are usually quite helpful and easy to follow. Watch this playlist to learn more about income generation with Faceless YouTube Channel also called YouTube Automation.

Remember to reuse only copyright-free videos in keeping with Copyright laws.

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