Easy YouTube Music Channel Category Settings For Musicians

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In this important post, we will talk about the YouTube Music Channel Category Settings For Musicians. I recommend that you take steps to implement the information as you will find it very useful for your growth on channel.

Do matter on YouTube?

It is generally important to set your YouTube channel category correctly, regardless of the type. Categorization groups your channel correctly, enabling the search engine robots to present your channel to the right audience when they are searching for music content on YouTube.
Secondly, YouTube adds some important features to your channel settings when it is categorized under MUSIC. These include:
– Concerts. These can be added to your channel and can be streamed live. More on live streaming on at a later date.
– Adding your channel to the music category gives you a PROFILE. You can customize your profile by adding links to your online real estate properties. A profile also gives you potential access to YouTUbe music apps, search, and charts. This is an excellent way to get views and to become known.

How do I change my YouTube channel to a music channel?

There are about two ways to do this, Here is one technique.
Follow these steps To either add or change your YouTube channel to a music channel:
1. Click on your channel image located on the upper right-hand side of the YouTube channel.
2. This will take you over to your YouTube Studio channel URL
You may be EITHER taken over to YouTube studio directly OR
You may get a drop-down box with the words YouTube Studio on the dialogue box as shown in the picture below.
3. Go over to the left-hand side under your other photo. You will see the words YOUR CHANNEL
4. Go down to SETTINGS.
7. Go to CATEGORY and select MUSIC.
8. Follow the same steps for any other channel.
YouTube Music Channel Category Settings For Musicians
YouTube Music Channel Category Settings For Musicians
YouTube Music Channel Category Settings For Musicians

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