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About Distrokid membership perks

This post explains the delightful perks of Distrokid membership. Apart from being one of the leading and highly acclaimed music distribution services on the planet. Distrokid offers a good number of additional services, many free, to its members.
Membership perks offered by Distrokid include:

  • Get heard now.
  • Promote yourself.
  • Special access.
  • Enhance your music.
  • Protect your music.

The mostly free membership perks mean that Distrokid fulfills a role that is more than a music distributor. They essentially assist artists and publishers with and marketing from one platform. This is a dream for artists who need to self manage their music business.

Distrokid membership perk: Get heard now

Music social network

Get heard now currently comprises of three products. The first is a music social network that is designed for members to interact with each other. Members can post their latest music and join groups for greater acceleration in the music industry. It is free.

Distrokid playlists

Members can post their music to Distrokid playlists and get voted on to specific playlists. This means greater exposure of the music. Anyone can listen to the music and vote. Music with the greatest number of votes will be added to a Spotify playlist. This means even greater exposure and opportunity for earning royalties.

Wheel of Playlists

This allows the artist to submit their music to Distrokid’s new playlist on Spotify. If successful this means greater exposure for one’s music.


Distrokid membership perk: promote yourself

Distrokid’s Promote Yourself service provides a suite of mostly free and paid tools for easy music marketing. This all-in-one marketing system can benefit members who put them to use.


Hyperfollow is a smart link page consisting of the major outlets to which the artist’s or band’s music is distributed. This is free and available for every music release. The best advantage of hyperfollow is that one can share a single link for many outlets.
Here’s how it works:


fans will be automatically set to follow you on Spotify.
Your music will be automatically added to the Spotify library of your fans.
Your fans’ email addresses will be sent to you, allowing you to build an email list and market to them.
Distrokid will automatically send an email to your fans when your album goes live. This enhances engagement and greater exposure for your music.
You will have access to the geographic location of your fans. This is important to determine where a live tour or event could be held.
You will be able to see the other music that your fans are listening to. This will help you to determine how to direct the genre of your next release.
You will know how many people visited your HyperFollow page, and how many fans you’ve added.

distrokid hyperfollow don's song part a

distrokid hyperfollow don's song part 2
’s Song Hyperfollow From Distrokid

Mini videos

These are free video templates that can be customized and used to promote one’s music.

Promo cards

Free promo cards are generated with one click. Just choose the ones you like best.
distrokid promo cards don's song

Meme video generator

Generate a free promo video from one of six themes. Share and increase the visibility of your music.

VIzy video generator

Vizy video generator is a paid music video generator. Think of the savings that artists can enjoy by being able to quickly and easily generating engaging music videos to accompany their release. These can be then posted to instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

Distrokid’s free service for artists and labels to connect

Distrokid offers a free service called Upstream. It allows artists and labels to connect.

Distorkid Social Phone



Distrokid membership perk: special access

Special access is a program that provides ease of access and information about important music-related sites. These include:

Distrokid provides integrated access, pre-release notification, profile management and other features.

Apple Music for artists

Integration with Apple Music and iTunes to improve marketing and promotion.

YouTube official artist channel

Official YouTube artist channel is provided, giving access to the world’s largest video marketing platform.

Other features

Other special access features include Audiomack connection, promotion on Twitch, Twitch affiliate program, and official artist bio across channels.

Distrokid membership perk: Enhance your music

Distrokid’s enhance your music feature provides for lyric synchronization for various social media platforms; adding credits to one’s releases (list of persons who contributed to the release); and a free music analysis robot that gives feedback on the release.

Distrokid membership perk: protect your music

Distrokid provides the innovative Distrolock that protects artists’ music from unauthorized downloads and Vault, which provides free and unlimited backups of one’s music.

Distrokid membership perk:helpful when needed

Helpful when needed includes the following four services:

  • Move music on and off various services.. This is ideal when changes or updates are needed.
  • Spotify URL finder.
  • Lookup Apple ID.
  • Exempt selected videos from YouTube’s money claims.


Distrokid is highly respected in the music industry, even by competitors. THe company is always looking for and adding new monetization channels to benefit artists and thus increase royalties.
This site uses Distrokid as a distribution source and is satisfied overall that they have kept their side of the bargain. The only flaw is payouts are problematic since the company’s payment processor does not pay to all areas of the world.
We will address how this can be fixed in an upcoming post.

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