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About the best free music distribution with Vision Music Label

Vision Music Label is a free music distribution service. We place our clients’ music on major music stores and digital streaming services like Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play. Distribution is also done in countries like Japan. We also manage performing rights on your behalf.

Our vision is to encourage music creators and songwriters to create with the knowledge that they can enjoy the widespread distribution of their work.

Who are the clients of Vision Music Label?

The clients of Vision Music Label are songwriters, solo recording artists, bands, spoken word artists. All works distributed under our label fit the company ideals of godliness, good moral values, family-friendly and kid-friendly.

Our clients produce original works and are copyright owners. We also distribute cover songs in keeping with related laws.

According to law, musical compositions may be produced in two ways:

– in the form of a notated copy such as sheet music.

– or in the form of a phonorecord (for example, cassette tape, LP, or CD).

Types of musical works that are distributed by Vision Music Label

Vision Music Label distributes:

Christian music.
Family-friendly music.
Kid-friendly music.
Cartoon music.
Instrumental music.
Spoken word.
Any other musical expression that promotes biblical teachings and good moral values,

best free music distribution with vision music label

What genres of music are distributed by Vision Music Label?

Vision Music Labe, therefore distributes your music in the form of sound recordings, musical notations, lyrics, spoken word, instrumental music, and derivatives of your original work.

All submissions must be accompanied by proof of ownership. Vision Music Label can assist you by providing access to this service.

You retain full ownership of your work as a copyright owner. We do not make any claims to the copyright of your work.


What are the Terms and Conditions for music distribution by Vision Music Label

– Our clients produce:

Spoken word.
Cartoon music.
Christian music.
Instrumental music.
Kid-friendly music.
Family-friendly music.
Any other musical expression that promotes biblical teachings and good moral values,

– Type of work – Biblical, child, and family-friendly. Work will be reviewed to determine its congruence with biblical values.

– Distribution – worldwide and to major music outlets such as Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam. Some additional distribution services are optional and would incur a small cost.

– A three year, signed contract applies.

– Enjoy other bonuses like:

– one smart link featuring your music on major platforms.

– protection of your work from unauthorized streaming on social media platforms.

– collection of mechanical and performance royalties on your behalf through our distribution service.

– sharing of royalties with other copyright owners.

– assistance with quick copyrighting of your work with no delays.

– prerelease to Spotify two weeks before the release of the album or release.

– earn on your lyrics under a separate contract.

– ongoing training to help you to develop as a singer and publisher.

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How can I access the music distribution services of Vision Music Label?

How to access music distribution services

Please bear with us. Our contracts are being prepared.

Meantime send an email to [email protected] to indicate your interest.

Your subject line should read “Free Music Distribution.”

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What can you do if you prefer to distribute your own music

Some of you might prefer to distribute your music independently. If that is you, I’ve prepared a neat guide which is simple, easy to follow and eye-opening. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get your music into major stores and even into international platforms.
All of the resources you need are included. Best of all, they are either low cost or free.

When you follow the steps in this ebook, you will be able to:

– Master your music electronically.
– Copyright the music. Basics of copyright law are explained in simple language, including ways in which the music composer can create deriatives in order to generate more income.
– Register with a Performing Rights Organization.
– Collect royalties on digital streams of the music.
– Distribute worldwide for a low yearly cost while keeping 100% of your royalties.
– Protect the music from unauthorized downloads.
– Other bonuses are included

Why you should get this book which shows you how to independently distribute your music

This book shows you how to independently distribute your music without a third party. This allows you to keep all of your royalties without sharing. DIY distribution means more income in your pocket and greater rewards for your work.

You can actually work through this book and quickly get you music into international markets in quick time. All you need is a low, yearly distribution cost.

One advantage of free distribution is that your time is freed up to do what you love. That is music creation. However, the main con is that you share your royalties with your publisher.

Music publishing: How to get your music into 150+ stores worldwide - book by Mercedes Moss

best free music distribution with vision music label

Last modified: July 25, 2020