Facebook Ad Rules For Music Creators

Important Facebook ad rules that can make or break your ad This audio provides details on important Facebook ad rules that music creators should pay attention to for Facebook ad approval. The Anatomy of a Facebook ad is covered at 11: 07.

Record Label Features At Disctokid

Learn about the record label features at Distrokid In today’s post, I will rave about Distrokid’s record label features. Distrokid is a music distribution company that automates the burden of getting one’s music into music stores and streaming platforms. They’re constantly adding new platforms to increase the reach of the…

Music NFT Platforms

What is a music NFT platform? A music NFT platform is a company that uses blockchain technology to assist music creators and publishers to sell music and other assets in the form of non-fungible tokens. Operational principles of music NFT platforms Music creators and publishers can copyright music by virtue of a unique…

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