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Impac Jazz – Independence Day Live Music Concert

About the Independence Day live music concert by Impac Jazz

This Impac Jazz Independence Day YouTube Playlist features six of the renditions in Impac’s exciting live music concert held on October 27th, 2018.

The concert was held at Bar Code, a beautifully chic, family owned restaurant which features attentive waiters, big screen televisions, live music entertainment and great food.

Kicking off at the top, Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss invites the listener to stay for more. The playlist then moves smoothly into a selection of songs which include, “I love you just the way you are” and more. Exotic Spanish sounds and cadences rock the concert and pay homage to Zavier, keyboard player.

Did you hear the funky and hard hitting “Uptown Funk?” I always think that the music is really an interesting blend of sounds.

I almost forgot to mention that Impac has welcomed three new band members, adding new musical blends and flavors to the band. They are:

Shadina Gibson – vocalist
Zavier – keyboards
Errol Junior Bowens – drums
Lyndon Moss (founder and guitarist) and Max Providence (bassist and vocalist) seamlessly blend their musical sounds with the newcomers.

Where to listen to Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss

Click on any of these links to listen to Don’s Song

How To Start On Spotify As A Music Artist, Manager Or Record Label

Songs To Feel Happy: Don's Song By Lyndon Delano Moss

Download 100s Of Music Files That Are In The Creative Commons And Public Domain. Click the link below

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My name is Mercedes Moss and I’d just like to give a brief video tutorial on Spotify for artists. Spotify is a music aggregator for artists and as an
artist you can subscribe to Spotify in order to create playlists and share your music.

Spotify provides a service to other people who are not using this platform as artists to come and listen to music download and purchase music. Artistes can sell their music here however in order to get sold you need to get heard and seen and this is done by inclusion on playlists.

Spotify allows you to create your own playlists and they provide a service
by which other playlist curators that is people who create playlist on Spotify can add you to their playlists if they like your music. If their playlists are large enough and large and they have a large number of subscribers it means that your music gets eyeballed by more people.

You potentially have the means to extend your reach to be heard to earn income and to satisfy the cravings of the demanding public for music. I always am amazed at the demand for music and I think of it like a music monster sort of thing. There never seems to be enough enough music on the planet. Therefore if you create great music we have places like Apple, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and others where you can get heard.

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Download 100s Of Music Files That Are In The Creative Commons And Public Domain. Click the link below

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Right now I’m at Spotify so artists would sign up at
If you are if you are a label you would sign up at

Artist and Manager signup
Record label sighup

When you get to the Spotify for artists page, there’s a feature that says claim your your account. You’d need to click there and just follow the steps so that you can clean your accountants.

On your account you will see your analytics for the last seven days, streams, listeners and followers. I have no listeners yet okay I need to
extend my reach. You can target these listeners and also add tho artists that they are listening to to your own playlist or create new playlists with those artists included. I think this is a really really really great feature. Stats are the lifeblood of your business.

Here it’s my artist. As I said I’m a manager and this is one of my artists. His name is Lyndon Delano Moss and he wrote a guitar composition to celebrate the time that his son Don learnt to walk to a four four beat. I was able to publish this song widely online thanks to a great company.

Listen to Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss


Billboard’s 2016 List Of Top 50 Songs To Feel Good

Songs To Feel Happy: Don's Song By Lyndon Delano Moss

Thoughts that were evoked by Billboard’s 2016 List Of Top 50 Songs To Feel Good

On 26th June 2016, published an article titled “Top 50 Upbeat Feel Good Songs to Dance to.” I thought that it was a very interesting title because it brings to attention that feeling good is a fundamental human right and desire.

For that matter, God the Creator wants us to feel good. He felt good after sitting back and reviewing the amazing and beautiful creation at the end of each day. The Bible reveals that depression, sorrow, sickness and death were never part of our Father’s plan for the human race and that He is always providing means for us to live healthy, happy lives.

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit (Proverbs 15: 13).

“All human beings have spontaneous needs for happiness, self-understanding, and love” (Cloninger 2014).

Feeling good is so important that many people in their desperation do things like taking hallucinogenic drugs and alcohol, bungee jumping, having sexual intercourse to name a few. Unfortunately, some of the alleged “feel good” activities lead to destruction and sometimes death.

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

Feeling good is the result of harmony between the body, mind, society and spirit

Music artistes particularly need to become aware that there is a science behind feeling good. This knowledge will help you to implement healthy measures for feeling good and prevent the pitfalls related to harmful “feel good” behaviors which produce temporary highs and long lasting ill effects.

According to Robert Cloninger MD, a happy life results from the integration and harmony between the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual processes of living. That is truly my belief and the biblical stance on living. This philosophy explains why fame and wealth cannot make anyone happy and why the rich and famous often become the victims of drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, suicide and other perils.

New research into the science of well being is now able to describe the “principles and mechanisms underlying the path to the good life—that is, a life that is happy, harmonious, virtuous, and wise.” (Cloniinger, 2019).

Dr. Cloninger believes that “feeling good” results from “doing good.” He refers to a philosophy of authentic happiness which results from “coherent way of living, including the human processes that regulate the sexual, material, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of experience” (Cloninger, 2019).

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Why listening to music makes us feel good

Listening to great music is one of the strategies that can help people to feel good. for feeling good. According to Dr. Kimberly Clarke, the human brain is wired from the beginning to process and understand music. This may explain an Ezekiel 28: 13 statement in which God reproved the King of Tyrus for his pride. God became annoyed because the King usurped his position in spite of the treasures such as music, that had been built into him.

The question is, how is music built into humans?

I believe that this is true for every human being and that every human has the ability to create, express and respond to music.

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Research studies done into the effects of music on human beings

A research study done at McGill University in Canada shows that the brain releases feel good substances when an individual hears music. One of these is called DOPAMINE. Most importantly, the brain scans showed that the dopamine was released when the participants anticipated the musical experience and also when they were in the throes of peak emotional arousal as they listened.

In my mind, this speaks to the importance of pleasure during musical experiences. I believe that listeners should be exposed to music which produces positive thinking and behavior. I also believe that listeners should become active participants in the musical experience in order to enhance the release of dopamine. This is particularly relevant for the church, where the worship experience involves music and other forms of internal and internal expressions to God.

The church should encourage active participation in worship in order to help members to feel good and to prepare them to face the outside world when they leave the walls.

As an aside, it may interest you to know that dopamine also has other effects in the body. It:

– regulates blood pressure
– improves the pumping strength of the heart
– improves blood flow to the kidneys
– produces reward, motivation, memory, attention.
– regulates body movements.

Dopamine creates feelings of pleasure and reward when it’s released in large volumes in the body. Persons with high levels of dopamine are motivated to repeat specific behaviors. However, low levels of dopamine results in decreased motivation and enthusiasm for things that would normally excite most people (Julson, 2018).

Listening to music is also associated with upticks in immunity-boosting antibodies and cells that protect against bacteria and other invaders.

Bring on great, positive music, music artistes!


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READINGS music+and+the+brain&oq= music+and+the+brain&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.4639j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 music/coherent way of living, including the human processes that regulate the sexual, material, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of experience.

How A Song To Feel Happy Was Composed To The Beat Of A Baby Learning To Walk| Press Release

Songs To Feel Happy: Don's Song By Lyndon Delano Moss

How To Get That Emotional Pick Me Up To Feel Happy

More than a decade ago, Lyndon Moss, guitar music player and composer, was teaching his young son to walk. Inspired by his musical background, he used a four four beat to help the baby to understand how to place his tiny feet one after the other. Therefore, Don, his son, learnt to walk to the beat of one, two, three, four.

Meantime, as Lyndon counted one, two, three, four, he began to hear a beautiful melody in his head and Don’s Song was born.

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

Music is … a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

Listeners claim that this melodic song produces a sense of exhilaration and joy. That emotional lift includes a sense of skipping along, leaping and dancing as we share the exhilaration that Don felt as he began to walk without falling down.

Don’s Song seems to stay with listeners and they hear it over and over at nights and in the day, giving a feeling of strength, stability and upliftment.

Additionally, an anecdote of the positive impact of Don’s Song in calming a baby is available.

A truly happy song, Don’s Song seems to release endorphins that produce a feel good mood. Some of the chords on the lead guitar are reminiscent of the great classical composers of yesteryear, whose rapid musical arrangements produce growth and development in the brain, according to scientific research.

Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Handel, Bach and others might be pleased to hear that a smidgen of their genius can be reproduced in other eras

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“The most exciting rhythms seem unexpected and complex, the most beautiful melodies simple and inevitable.” ― W.H. Auden

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

A song for people everywhere, Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss is worth paying attention to.

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

Click each link below for more on Don’s Song

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Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

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For more information, please contact:
Music Publisher

[email protected]

Happy Songs YouTube: Don’s Song By Lyndon Delano Moss

Songs To Feel Happy: Don's Song By Lyndon Delano Moss

I’d like to introduce you to the official YouTube publication of Don’s Song Lyndon Delano Moss. Lyndon Moss first heard this guitar music as he taught his son to walk using a four four musical beat.

Normally, people teach their children to walk by putting them in walkers, by holding their hands or by some other means. This however, is the first time that I have heard of anyone teaching their child to walk with a musical beat.

As a result, I believe that Don’s Song by Lyndon Moss is suitable for babies. I saw it work wonders to help calm an upset one year old. Play it for your baby and see what happens.

Update To Don’s Song By Lyndon Delano Moss | Songs To Feel Happy

Songs To Feel Happy: Don's Song By Lyndon Delano Moss

Update To Don’s Song By Lyndon Delano Moss | Songs To Feel Happy

Another good morning Facebook family, friends on Instagram. on YouTube wherever you are. My name is Mercedes Moss and I’m here to do a very quick follow-up to a video I did yesterday on Songs to make you happy: Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss.

I would love you to hear this song which is composed by my brother Lyndon Delano Moss. My brother Lyndon has been playing guitar music for years and
I’ve been after him for a while to allow me to publish his music.

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

Why I believe that you need to listen to Don’s Song: Songs to feel happy

Every time I listen to my brother’s music I feel really joyful and get a lift in my spirit. I’m giving out a Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss challenge because just yesterday I saw the positive impact of this music on a one year old grouchy baby, who is my great nephew.

I strongly believe that Songs to feel happy: Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss could be a tremendous blessing to you. We need positive music because we are surrounded by so many negative vibes and negative people. Don’s Song is like breath of fresh air to me and it can be to you too.

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

The second part of the update on Songs to feel happy: Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss

I’m quite excited because Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss is now live on Amazon.

Get Songs to feel happy: Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss at the link below

Songs To Feel Happy: Don’s Song By Lyndon Delano Moss

Songs To Feel Happy: Don's Song By Lyndon Delano Moss

Don’s Song is a new instrumental music release to make you feel happy

Don’s Song to feel happy, is a joyful, fluid instrumental rhaspody composed by Lyndon Delano Moss. The mood of the song is intended to help listeners feel happy, skip, twirl and dance. A feathery light atmosphere is created by the musical sounds of the guitar, lead guitar and cymbals intertwining with each other.

Truly a song to feel happy, the entree begins with an invitation to go on a lovely musical journey which begins with beautiful solo guitar chords which are later joined by the gentle clashes of cymbals. Nothing is rough or harsh.

😊 💥 😊 💥😊 💥 😊 💥😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

As the song to feel happy moves along, the lead guitar joins in a merry warble. Meantime the bass notes gently support the melody without overly intruding.

As we listen to this instrumental song to make you feel happy, there is a sense of skipping merrily along in this wonderful musical adventure.

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

As the melody progresses, the guitar chords are interspersed by intriguing lead guitar moves and melodic beats on the cymbals. At times, the bass notes and treble lead guitar play a duet in which they mimic each other.

Apparently becoming bored with the lazy pace in this song to feel joyful, Lyndon Delano Moss picks up the tempo of Don’s Song and plays a more energetic rhythm. All of the imaginary dancers also begin to move with greater energy, since the lazy interlude is no more.

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

Boom! The pace moves back to slow and lazy, reminding us that life has varied paces and that we must remember to rest, meditate, spend time with family and friends and be productive.

This interesting exchange between feeling lazy and energetic bursts clearly tells us how we ought to live our lives.

😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊

This is the Amazon link for Songs to feel happy: Don’s Song By Lyndon Delano Moss.

😊 💥😊 💥😊 💥😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥 😊 💥

Where to get Songs to feel happy: Don’s Song By Lyndon Delano Moss.

Don’s Songs to be happy can be found at major online distributors including:

– Amazon
– Anghami
– Apple Music
– Spotify
– Medianet
– Deezer
– Google Play
– You Tube
– iHeartRadio
– ClaroMusica
– iTunes
– Napster
– Pandora
– Shazam
– Spotify
– Saavn

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10 Tips For Structuring Piano Practice And Learning To Play Like A Pro | Review

Why you possibly find it difficult to play the piano

Most people find it really tedious to learn to play the piano. They just really want to get in there and produce fabulous, amazing sounds which entrance their listeners. They don’t want to get stuck behind the keyboard for hours, laboring over music scales, chords, minors, majors, sharps and clefs.

The sad truth is that proficiency in the piano requires practice. However, we would like you to rethink how you view that supposedly arduous task Close your eyes and begin to picture yourself at the piano, nimbly moving your fingers over the keys, because your practice is no longer hellish, but a means of accelerating you to mastery.

Mastery of the piano requires regular, structured practice which helps you to stride forwards. Structured practice requires more than repetition of songs. It requires you to venture into uncharted territory in which you ‘practice what you CAN’T play, not what you CAN play’.

Click here to get your copy of Piano For All="">

Check out Piano for all, our recommended product for structured learning and developing mastery in the piano

Pianoforall is one of the most popular and respected piano courses on the internet. Launched in 2006, the course has been used internationally by over 190,000 happy students. This is a testimony of its success.

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What are the key Features of Piano For All?

Piano for all comes with the following amazing array of value packed content loved by students worldwide:

– Your course consists of a comprehensive package of ebooks, Videos and audios
– You can download on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones
– Learn to play varied music genres including pop, blues, jazz, ballads, improvisation, classical.
– Play-by-ear and learn to read music at the same time
– Filled with tricks, tips and formulas to help people sound great right from the start
– The content is comprehensive and easy to follow
– You receive 10 ebooks racking up a total of 600 pages.
– Listen to 500 audio lessons
– Watch the video and audio tutorials right on the page without having to open separate software or documents.
– Download your course instantly or request to have it delivered anywhere in the world on a DVD ROM
– Pay on a VERISIGN verified website which ensures that your transaction details remain totally secure

Watch this tutorial video to see if Piano For All will be a great fit for you

Here are a few of the raving reviews that have been provided by real students of Piano For All

I’m amazed! Once you get the rhythms down, you really can sound like a pro! Great fun! Thanks for making this available at such a reasonable price. Anyone who doesn’t grab this up is going to go the long way home!
T. Dwight Kidd, Alabama, USA

This course is exactly what I have been looking for with all the shortcuts that have been such a mystery to me for years. Well done Robin an excellent product. Kind regards. Paul”
Paul Saxon , UK

It is simple, straight forward yet very effective. It makes the complex understandable and for those of us who don’t want to master music theory, it gets us playing quite well in a short time. I can’t say enough good about your program. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Ed Doran, Muskogee, OK

Hey Robin, Just wanted to say thanks for this course. This is a great way to get up and running fast for song writing on the piano. I feel like I owe you more money.
Mike, Nashville Tennessee

Enjoying the piano like Ive never – bless you for your insight into teaching – it works!! Please accept my highest respect for possibly the best tutorial of all time – I am 74 and have seen a few. You have made me a happy slave to my keyboard and sound!
Derek, Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire, England, UK

I’ve finally managed to play after a year of slogging away trying to learn to read music. I have literally tried everything I found online to learn and I was considering giving the piano away to a friend when fortunately I found your lessons. Thanks a lot! Cheers
Toni Le Busque, USA

I’ve picked up more in the short time I’ve had your course (I’m up to Ballad Style) than with the all the other methods I’ve tried. Thanks so much for the most logically arranged, easiest to follow, and best ‘bang for the buck’ piano course I’ve seen, and used. Sincerely,
Barry Polis, Georgia, USA

Your course seems to be what I’ve been looking for for quite a while. I seen a gazillion of them out there but nothing compares to the way you present piano lessons. Good luck with it.”
Don Shonk, Michegan, USA. [email protected]

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Since I was little I have always wanted to play. I’m now 38 years old, have never played, and with your program I was able to go through the books and videos step by step and now I’m purchasing piano books to play songs to enjoy. I have to say that my husband was very skeptical but you have made him a true believer in your teaching program!
Soony Williams, California, USA

Hi Robin, A belated note to say a very big thank you for putting together such an interesting, motivating, straightforward approach to piano playing! I absolutely love the techniques, I’m playing everything now and it’s so exciting!!! I’m still only on Book 1 and I’ve learned so much already, I can’t imagine what you have in store for us in the other books.
Jane Grey, London, UK

Thanks for everything. With two days of use I already feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of your course. I think my other daughter, my wife and I are all anxious to learn too. If only we had another piano and possibly an additional computer to learn on
Dave Millette, Nevada, USA

Dear Robin, I just wanted to Thank You for the incredible program that you have put together. I must say that you over delivered on this one. I couldn’t believe it, and neither could my wife! Within an hour, I was making music. My whole family can’t believe I really learned all I have in less than 3 days! I will tell everyone I know, who’s ever thought about playing piano or keys that this is the real deal and I hope if you use this testimonial that all who read it will believe me.
Pastor JD Loveland, Santee, CA, USA

I have been inspired by your program. It feels like a musical renaissance for me. Thanks, Isobel
Isobel Siroy, Chanéac, France

“Hi Robin, Never thought I would say this I thought I had tried every method when it came to not only learning to play the piano but understanding the method.I am truly amazed at the progress I have made in THREE DAYS !!!! Your style is so easy to follow and the video along with the sheet music and the audio, no one could ask for anything more.
David Morgan , London, E6, UK [email protected]

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic Piano Tutor Books. I am nearing the end of the first book and can now confidently say this is the best tutor book I have ever come across.
Gary Cook, UK
Hi Robin, Your course is everything that you and others said it would be. The lessons are do-able and satisfying. Your videos and sound bites make everything quite clear. I didn’t think I could make the piano sound this good so quickly. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who wants to learn the piano. Thanks so much. You are making a dream come true.
Mike Epstein, Ramat Razi’el, Israel

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Music Promotion: How To Easily Promote Your Music On Facebook For FREE

Where Can You Easily Promote Your Music Online For FREE?

Today I’m sharing how you can share how you can promote your music or business online for free. This is a well kept industry secret that can make the difference in your business and it is really very, very easy to do.

This trade secret is for anyone in the industry – musicians, rappers, singers, music publishers, music promoters and in fact anyone with any kind of business.

One of the quickest ways in which you can get your music out is to be sociable. One of the most amazing social media platforms is Facebook. Statistics show that Up to the second quarter of 2018, 2.2 billion people actively used Facebook each month. That is a huge number and you can find a tribe of people who are interested in what you have to offer if you know how to find them.

facebook usage on


In contrast, only 335 million used Twitter up to the second quarter of 2018. Those numbers show that Twitter should also be considered as an important social media platform for marketing one’s products.

twitter usage in 2018 on


What is the strategy for FREE music promotion on Facebook?

It is very easy to find an audience on Facebook through the use of
live video. The amazing thing is that Facebook actually helps you to promote your product free by helping you to find an audience.

In order to use this wonderful platform, you only need to register for a free personal profile. I recommend that you also create a facebook fan page dedicated solely to your music business.

You would need to establish a presence by producing live video on a regular basis that is suitable to you – just let your audience know your schedule. All you need to do is to engage with the audience by doing what you do best
-singing, playing music, teaching something etecera.

You can talk about projects that you’re working on in order to keep your fans engaged and up to date. If you’re a songwriter, you can talk about what you’re writing and what’s inspiring you to write. You can also share inspirations about life, music lyrics – just be creative. There is no reason why you cannot hold a live concert and ask your viewers to contribute. There are resources that you can use to do that. I do not have any links right now and will update as soon as possible.

Best of all, you can easily direct them to the websites where your products are sold. This can be done verbally and by the inclusion of a link in your status update.

What equipment do you need in order to produce a Facebook live video?

You need three basic things in order to go live on Facebook:

– A cell phone. I use a Samsung cell phone because it has an inbuilt Facebook live app with all kinds of great features designed to liven up my video. I also tag my audience to alert people who view that I am on. That also makes the video go viral since their friends can also see it. You can download quite a number of facebook live video apps from the Google Play store if you do not have inbuilt live video streaming.

There are quite a lot of streaming software for facebook live video, but I personally find them aggravating since they take a while to setup and can be cumbersome.

– Tripod for the cell phone which allows you to be hands free. You can buy
a tripod on They’re not all that expensive. I bought one for $1.99 and I was able to twist the legs in all kinds of directions.

cell phone tripod

– You need good lighting to show your face and surroundings clearly. You can use a desk lamp or become really high tech and buy a light specifically for that purpose. A good light source can also be achieved by sitting in front of a window so there’s a lot of lights natural light streaming in.

– Your surroundings can be in or outdoors. The locations should be quiet, attractive, uncluttered and appealing. You should also dress decently and maintain a friendly persona in order to keep the audience’s interest.

Strategies to enhance interactivity on Facebook live videos

One important thing is to be as interactive as possible when doing a facebook live video. You can “shout out” the audience and ask them to put their names in the comments box. You can also ask questions and ask for responses to be typed in.

How long should you go live on Facebook?

Experts recommend that you should go live for at least twenty minutes and no
longer in order to keep the audience. I personally do hour long broadcasts because the topics I cover require that depth. I do get a lot of feedback off line and no one has complained about the duration.

One other strategy for promoting your music on Facebook

-A Facebook fan page is an important online store front which you can use to promote your music, download cards and promote affiliate products. Watch this video to see how to do so.

Register for a free home studio recording course at

It’s packed with over 10 lessons that will help you to get your home studio up and running.

Home Studio: How To Visualize Yourself As A Successful Recording Artiste

You need to keep visualize your success as a recording artiste in order to achieve your big dreams of success

I’m speaking to aspiring recording artistes, singers, musicians, rappers, speakers or anyone who wishes to leave a mark on history. You want to record but it seems impossible. You’re wondering if you can ever achieve your dream. The secret of success is to believe that you can do anything
you put your hand your heart to. I believe that humans have been created with the power to use the tongue to speak life and even death and that you can use this power to see your dreams come to pass.

You have been created with the power to visualize things into being

Do you know you have the power of vision? As humans we have the power to dream and to visualize, to see the future. God gives us those pictures so that we can line up with the dream that is in our heart and that is in God’s heart for us.

Therefore, because we have the power to create with our words and imagss or mental pictures, we should never say that our dreams are impossible.

The technology that is available makes it very possible to achieve our dreams

Because of rapidly advancing technology, it is now possible today, more than any other time in history, to achieve our dreams. For example, an individual can now use a cell phone to record and broadcast events to the planet on social media. Therefore, one does not need to wait on record labels or even use high tech equipment to get a message out. We only need to be creative in order to be heard.

As we continue to ponder on how the times in which we live make it possible to be seen and heard, we consider that in the past nations used to be so separated from one another. Hoewver, we can record a song in a quiet area and broadcast live to people in distant areas. Due to technology like webinars, live concerts can be sold online in the changing arena.

Just as technology has advanced, the entertainment industry has also advanced. There was a time when people like me and you could not even aspire to record anything simply because the costs were astronomical and the industry was come controlled by big recording companies looking for stars.

Music promotion is achievable with the advent of the internet

Do you know that with the advent of the internet there are ways and means to promote your music, your beats, your rap, your poetry etecera? Artistes do not even need to depend on expensive big name music publishing or music recording companies because they can do these things for themselves.

There are ways to promote your music online and on social media for free. We do have access to resources that will teach you just how to get that done. Artistes no longer need to be the slave of some big mighty corporation that sells their souls to the devil and milks them for every dime that they could get. You can become an independent artiste who charts the way into your destiny without that kind of horror.

How to see yourself in the future

I’d just like to encourage you just take a minute and to picture yourself in the future earning an income from your music, to see yourself sharing your music with your fans and with people all around the world through the technological advances that are available to you today.

Think of yourself writing songs that are touching people and reaching people all around
the world.

See the endless possibilities that are available to you. See yourself as a successful indie musician. You have the tools and the resources available to you right at this moment to make it possible to spread your message.

I want you to picture yourself in the future. Put up a vision board with pictures of yourself and with pictures of the life you’d like to live. You know that you don’t want to be bound to a particular lifestyle. You know that you don’t want to be caught up in routines and that you want to be creative. You want to be free. You want to travel the world, to meet people, to be inspired by people in the industry.

Maybe you want to be at music festivals playing gigs and just hanging out with your band and
singing, You want to spend your time writing songs and exploring new musical ideas or genres.

I would like to help you to achieve that dream by offering you a way to begin at no cost to you. In other words, the information is free.

We’d like to share with you a way to record your music in the comfort of your own
home with very minimal equipment and beginning at low costs. Of course as time goes on you will discover more and more that you can do to advance your gift.

I’m inviting you to go to our registration page where you can signup for our free home studio recording course. It is packed with content and we keep adding as time goes on,

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