4 Tips To Make Photos Go Viral On Instagram

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In this post, you will discover 4 tips for making your photos go viral on . You need to:

Add photos around specific themes

Familiarize yourself with color schemes

Take spontaneous photos

Follow a publishing schedule

is a great platform for people to showcase their photos. Businesses are discovering they too, can use the platform to post images as they relate to their brand.

Not every photo is going to take off virally. Moreover, there is no guarantee any photo published will go viral. However, you can use these ideas to help tip the scales in your favor.

Add photos around specific themes

Try to set up your photos with a theme in mind. The idea is to use the platform to tell a story. People are only going to get a glimpse of the picture so you won’t have a chance to describe it.

The picture needs to make the connection.

Study what other people or businesses have published. When you see which images are being shared, figure out what it is about those images that made people want to share.

Ask yourself what you believe the theme to be. Were there people in the graphic? Try to pick out as many details as possible.

Familiarize yourself with color schemes

Graphic designers and artists are aware that certain colors go together, but there are subtle ways to mix color. For instance, most non-designers are unaware that the hue of the color can be changed.

This can add an entirely new perspective to a picture. In many cases, you could make these changes in Photoshop or another graphic editor.

But if you are familiar with color mixing, you could try to assemble those colors from the start.

Take spontaneous photos

Structuring your photos may work, but a better idea may be to use spontaneous shots for your photos. The greatest impact occurs randomly.

This is not to say that you can’t create impactful photos via
planning, but it will happen less frequently. However, when you take random shots, you will need to take many before you find one that has the potential to take off virally.

Follow a publishing schedule

The best advice is to not worry about whether your image will go viral. Just follow a publishing schedule. Make it cohesive and have a steady schedule for posting.

Try to get feedback from followers and use that to your benefit in the future. Part of the reason for something going viral is that followers know the person publishing.

Once they start to trust who you are and appreciate what you publish, your content should start to gain some traction.

Even if it doesn’t go viral, as long as it increases visibility over time, you’re way ahead of the game.

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