10 Tips For Structuring Piano Practice And Learning To Play Like A Pro | Review

Why you need to structure piano practice in order to play like a pro

This review will share 10 Tips For Structuring Piano Practice And Learning To Play Like A Pro. Most people find it really tedious to learn to play the piano and only want to get in there and produce fabulous, amazing sounds which entrance their listeners. They don’t want to get stuck behind the keyboard for hours, laboring over music scales, chords, minors, majors, sharps and clefs.

However, the sad truth is that it is important to Structure piano practice in order to play like a pro. Therefore, we would like you to rethink how you view that supposedly arduous task. Begin by closing your eyes as you begin to picture yourself at the piano. Pretend that you are nimbly moving your fingers over the keys, because your practice is no longer hellish, but a means of accelerating you to mastery.

Mastery of the piano requires regular, structured practice which helps you to stride forwards. Structured practice requires more than repetition of songs. It requires you to venture into uncharted territory in which you ‘practice what you CAN’T play, not what you CAN play’.

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Piano for all is one of the most popular and respected piano courses on the internet. Launched in 2006, the course has been used internationally by over 190,000 happy students. This is a testimony of its success.

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What are the key Features of Piano For All?

Piano for all comes with the following amazing array of value packed content loved by students worldwide:

– Your course consists of a comprehensive package of ebooks, Videos and audios
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– Learn to play varied music genres including pop, blues, jazz, ballads, improvisation, classical.
– Play-by-ear and learn to read music at the same time
– Filled with tricks, tips and formulas to help people sound great right from the start
– The content is comprehensive and easy to follow
– You receive 10 ebooks racking up a total of 600 pages.
– Listen to 500 audio lessons
– Watch the video and audio tutorials right on the page without having to open separate software or documents.
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Here are a few of the raving reviews that have been provided by real students of Piano For All

I’m amazed! Once you get the rhythms down, you really can sound like a pro! Great fun! Thanks for making this available at such a reasonable price. Anyone who doesn’t grab this up is going to go the long way home!
T. Dwight Kidd, Alabama, USA

This course is exactly what I have been looking for with all the shortcuts that have been such a mystery to me for years. Well done Robin an excellent product. Kind regards. Paul”
Paul Saxon , UK

It is simple, straight forward yet very effective. It makes the complex understandable and for those of us who don’t want to master music theory, it gets us playing quite well in a short time. I can’t say enough good about your program. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Ed Doran, Muskogee, OK

Hey Robin, Just wanted to say thanks for this course. This is a great way to get up and running fast for song writing on the piano. I feel like I owe you more money.
Mike, Nashville Tennessee

Enjoying the piano like Ive never – bless you for your insight into teaching – it works!! Please accept my highest respect for possibly the best tutorial of all time – I am 74 and have seen a few. You have made me a happy slave to my keyboard and sound!
Derek, Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire, England, UK

I’ve finally managed to play after a year of slogging away trying to learn to read music. I have literally tried everything I found online to learn and I was considering giving the piano away to a friend when fortunately I found your lessons. Thanks a lot! Cheers
Toni Le Busque, USA

I’ve picked up more in the short time I’ve had your course (I’m up to Ballad Style) than with the all the other methods I’ve tried. Thanks so much for the most logically arranged, easiest to follow, and best ‘bang for the buck’ piano course I’ve seen, and used. Sincerely,
Barry Polis, Georgia, USA

Your course seems to be what I’ve been looking for for quite a while. I seen a gazillion of them out there but nothing compares to the way you present piano lessons. Good luck with it.”
Don Shonk, Michegan, USA. [email protected]

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Since I was little I have always wanted to play. I’m now 38 years old, have never played, and with your program I was able to go through the books and videos step by step and now I’m purchasing piano books to play songs to enjoy. I have to say that my husband was very skeptical but you have made him a true believer in your teaching program!
Soony Williams, California, USA

Hi Robin, A belated note to say a very big thank you for putting together such an interesting, motivating, straightforward approach to piano playing! I absolutely love the techniques, I’m playing everything now and it’s so exciting!!! I’m still only on Book 1 and I’ve learned so much already, I can’t imagine what you have in store for us in the other books.
Jane Grey, London, UK

Thanks for everything. With two days of use I already feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of your course. I think my other daughter, my wife and I are all anxious to learn too. If only we had another piano and possibly an additional computer to learn on
Dave Millette, Nevada, USA

Dear Robin, I just wanted to Thank You for the incredible program that you have put together. I must say that you over delivered on this one. I couldn’t believe it, and neither could my wife! Within an hour, I was making music. My whole family can’t believe I really learned all I have in less than 3 days! I will tell everyone I know, who’s ever thought about playing piano or keys that this is the real deal and I hope if you use this testimonial that all who read it will believe me.
Pastor JD Loveland, Santee, CA, USA

I have been inspired by your program. It feels like a musical renaissance for me. Thanks, Isobel
Isobel Siroy, Chanéac, France

“Hi Robin, Never thought I would say this I thought I had tried every method when it came to not only learning to play the piano but understanding the method.I am truly amazed at the progress I have made in THREE DAYS !!!! Your style is so easy to follow and the video along with the sheet music and the audio, no one could ask for anything more.
David Morgan , London, E6, UK [email protected]

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic Piano Tutor Books. I am nearing the end of the first book and can now confidently say this is the best tutor book I have ever come across.
Gary Cook, UK
Hi Robin, Your course is everything that you and others said it would be. The lessons are do-able and satisfying. Your videos and sound bites make everything quite clear. I didn’t think I could make the piano sound this good so quickly. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who wants to learn the piano. Thanks so much. You are making a dream come true.
Mike Epstein, Ramat Razi’el, Israel

As soon as I find some time, I’ll take you on a walk through of my own copy of Piano For All

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